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In a crowded backfield, Chiefs RB Clyde Edwards-Helaire is a team player

The running backs room for the Kansas City Chiefs this season will feature variety.

Starter Clyde Edwards-Helaire is entering the season healthy, but it might not all fall on the third-year veteran. Even in an area of his game that he feels is his strength, such as pass-catching, Edwards-Helaire knows that he has a role to play.

“I’m not one of those guys who’s like, you know, throw me the ball,” said Edwards-Helaire. “Whoever can get the ball, I mean, it’s Pat (Mahomes), bro, he might be looking this way and throw it behind his back like you don’t know where the ball is going. So it’s like, you can’t complain about targets and everything else. I’m here, but it’s 11 guys on the field. And if the ball is flying my way, my job is to catch it and go make a play.”

Edwards-Helaire has produced well on the field, but injuries have shortened his first two seasons. He is not intimidated by the possibility of sharing opportunities after having success in college with a high-powered LSU offense.

“I’m not a selfish guy — far from it,” said Edwards-Helaire. “I could care less whoever’s getting the ball. But it’s like, man, if we get the ball, and we get down the field and we winning games, like, why complain about it? Some people would be like, ‘I want the ball.’ But if that’s what’s working at that time, the next two weeks just might be my weeks. So it’s like, you can’t sit there and dwell on something that’s not benefiting you personally or your ego. It’s more important to me, like, I put on a helmet that says ‘Chiefs,’ not, you know, ‘Edwards-Helaire’ posted on everything I have. So it’s always about the brand, but it’s also about those guys in the organization.

Edwards-Helaire will look to have a big season, potentially as the lead running back. However, you won’t see him complaining if his teammates are getting opportunities and finding success.

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