Rams legend talks L.A. sports and Southern-inspired cooking

Local sports bar chain Rocco's Tavern just drafted a new team member, former L.A. Rams running back and NFL Hall-of-Famer Eric Dickerson. "The 80's were the perfect time to be in L.A. playing football, basketball, baseball, all of it. And L.A. sports are great right now," said Dickerson. "The Dodgers are doing very well. The Lakers got Lebron James in town. You got the L.A. Chargers. But my team-the Los Angeles Rams-I gotta say I'm very proud." "Now you started with the L.A. Rams back in the 80's. Was it '83 that you got drafted?" asked Eye on L.A. host Tina Malave. "'83 was the first year with the Los Angeles Rams," said Dickerson. "I know that you love LA, but you are a Texas boy at heart," said Malave. "Oh 100%. Sealy, Texas," said Dickerson. "I love Los Angeles. I love living here. I love everything about it, but I am a stone Texan, 100%." "So you got the opportunity to create a menu for Rocco's," said Malave. "Rocco's have been around for a long time. They've got great food, a great menu, and they allowed me to put some of the things that I like on the menu also," said Dickerson. The "29 at Rocco's" menu features many of Eric Dickerson's favorite Southern-inspired dishes-all named with a nod to the legendary running back's illustrious football career. "One thing we started with was the 2105 Wings. If you don't know 2105, that was my rushing yards. I broke the OJ rushing record in 1984, 2105 yards. It has jalapenos in it, just like when I was running. I was a little spicy, a little hot," said Dickerson. "We got the 29 Burger. If you don't know what 29 is, that was my number. The Pony Express Pizza, it has jalapenos on it also. Then you have the Sealy Texas Fried Shrimp. You can't go wrong with that." Try Eric Dickerson's signature menu at Rocco's Tavern in Studio city, Pasadena, Westwood or Culver City. For more details go to http://roccostavern.com