Adam Henry press conference - 8/7

On how reps will change after the WR Corey Coleman trade:

“It is just the next man up mentality, and we me move on from there. Sometimes you are going to have receivers that get injured and so next guy up mentality. That is how we will approach it.”

On how Coleman was playing prior to the trade:

“It has been addressed so my job here is to coach receivers. Whomever they give me, that is what I do, and I coach them. Unfortunately, I wish the best for him and it all works out.”

On how WR Antonio Callaway has helped the transition:

“We have a long way to go so it is not that seamless. He has not played so there are some things we still need to work on and the details of it. Conceptually, when you get guys coming out of college, conceptual learning and learning the whole big picture. (Offensive coordinator) Coach (Todd) Haley does a good job with the offense, but it is concept driven. We just have to keep working at it through the little details, and that is all the young guys.”

On the impact WR Jarvis Landry has on young Browns WRs like WR Antonio Callaway:

“It is good because first it is the toughness, determination, works hard, leads by example and he will voice his opinion. In that way, he has been great from just the maturation process to speed up because you and I know when somebody is going through something that the other person has not, you can kind of guide them on those things. He is doing a good job with that, and it is getting better every day.”

On if Landry communicates with Callaway in the meeting room as he does on the field:

“It has to. Communication rules the nation, I say that all of the time. We have to over communicate. If we are both wrong, we are both right. You have to be on the same page.”

On WR Da’Mari Scott:

“He is very intriguing. A bunch of the younger guys, he is a guy who has good football IQ, plays multiple positions so he has a real good upside. He is progressing well. He is young. We are going to see coming up that you are going to have some one-on-one battles, and we will see what happens.”

On emphasizing with the WRs to not put too much pressure on themselves during the first preseason game:

“Most definitely. That is the big thing, when the lights come on and the one on ones because it is a me-to-you game to go and get your blocks and things like that. You just have to stay in the moment, and you have to be [comfortable] in uncomfortable times. It is just kind of the maturation process of putting stress on them here so getting on them with little details so now once they go to a game, the game comes easier.”

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