Tennessee WR coach David Johnson gives the team a valuable lesson on commitment

Tennessee’s first-year receiver coach David Johnson knows a thing or two about commitment. Hired from the Memphis coaching staff, Johnson revealed the story of his first coaching job to the Volunteers during a recent team meeting.

According to Johnson, his first job was a Division 3 Millsaps College. Johnson was paid $500 a month and slept in his car due to the lack of availability of hotels near Jackson, Mississippi following the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Instead of using that as an excuse, Johnson realized he could use the fact that he had to sleep in his car to his advantage. Without a room over his head, Johnson would instead head to work and arrive before anyone else.

It’s a great story on his commitment level to coaching and one that this Tennessee team likely needs to hear following a tough season on the field.

Following the speech, defender Jonathan Kongbo shared his thoughts on the motivation speech, stating his belief that the team was fired up and ready to work after hearing it.

You can check out the video here, which was recently posted by Tennessee’s official football account on Twitter:

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