Ezekiel Elliott is ripped after spending past six weeks training in Mexico

After sitting out the past six weeks due to his suspension, Ezekiel Elliott is finally eligible to return to the Cowboys and if recent pictures are any indication, he might literally be ready to carry them to the playoffs.

According to NFL.com, Elliott spent almost all of his suspension in Cabo, Mexico.

Of course, Elliott wasn't there for fun, he was basically there to work out for six straight weeks. Based on photos from NBC, it appears that Elliott might have actually re-enacted the entire workout montage from Rocky III during his trip south of the border.

According to NFL.com, Zeke is in "terrific shape" and has even lost some weight.

Ezekiel Elliott might be in the best shape of his life.

Elliott looks like he's ready to steamroll straight through the Seahawks and Eagles over the final two weeks of the season.

According to Dez Bryant, Elliott is pretty excited about re-joining the team.

"I texted Zeke last week to talk to him, he's in great spirits," Bryant said, via the Dallas Morning News. "The passion he brings each and every day is crazy. He get us juiced. And to have him back, I know he's licking his chops right now. I seen a couple [pictures]. He ready."

Even Bryant has been impressed by the pictures, so you definitely know Elliott is extra ripped right now.

Elliott's return is coming at the perfect time for the Cowboys, who are still very much alive for a playoff spot. At 8-6, the Cowboys still have a great shot at the postseason if they can win their final two games of the year against Seattle (at home) and on the road at Philadelphia.

Right now, the Cowboys easiest route to the playoffs looks like this:

  1. Cowboys go 2-0 down the stretch to finish 10-6.

  2. The Panthers (10-4) go 2-0 or 1-1 down the stretch, but must beat Atlanta

  3. The Falcons (8-5), who play Monday night against Tampa, go 1-2 in their final three games.

  4. The Packers beat the Lions in Week 17.

  5. The Rams win the NFC West.

The biggest wrench in there is the Falcons, but it's not implausible that they lose to both the Panthers and Saints down the stretch.

As for the Cowboys, Elliott returned to the team almost as soon as he was eligible on Monday. By 12:18 p.m. local time, the running back was already at the Cowboys facility.