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  • Cameron DaSilva

Ja'Marr Chase talked to Jalen Ramsey about his unique 'catch technique' as a DB

Jalen Ramsey and Ja’Marr Chase are two of the best players at their respective positions, and their battle in Super Bowl LVI lived up to the hype. They met for the second time on Wednesday when the Rams and Bengals held their first of two joint practices, and it sounds like it was another good head-to-head matchup in Cincinnati.

Ramsey once again acknowledged that Chase is one of the best, noting that he didn’t come to that conclusion based on Wednesday’s practice. He knew that. Chase returned the compliment by calling Ramsey a top cornerback and saying he’s a “hell of a player” who’s “quick on his reads.”

Chase shared some insight on what the two of them talked about Wednesday, saying they chatted about Ramsey’s “catch technique.” Chase said it’s something he’s never really seen before, but he has to learn from it and ensure he doesn’t get called for a penalty.

“The thing we talked about was his catch technique, because I thought it was a penalty,” he said. “I never really seen nobody do that until him, but it’s been on film all year. Just like a rule for him now. So basically, I gotta adjust to DBs playing catch technique with their bodies and I gotta not make a flag for missing their body. That’s how stupid it sounds, trust me.”

Ramsey is a cornerback Chase can learn a lot from, having gained so much experience throughout his career – and having gone up against most of the top wide receivers in the NFL. The two of them won’t meet again this season unless both the Rams and Bengals reach the Super Bowl for the second straight year.

The Bengals are on the Rams’ schedule in 2023, which will be a game everyone circles next year.

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